Should I Buy New or Used?

When you're looking to buy a Land Rover model near Malibu, you have two choices: you can buy new or used. We have a wide selection of both here at Thousand Oaks Land Rover. Both new and used have their pros and cons, but they each have one thing in common: no matter which you choose, we know you'll love your Land Rover.

Buying a new Land Rover means that you're the first to drive it. You know its full history, because it doesn't have one. No part of the vehicle has undergone any wear and tear. New vehicles also come with an extensive warranty; when you buy a new model, you're covered for longer.

The biggest draw to used models is their more competitive pricing. However, there's more to it than just yet. If you ever change your mind about your Land Rover and decide to sell, used models retain their value better than new ones. Buying a used model will allow you to recoup more of your original investment.

If you have any questions about buying new or used, we're here to help. You'll be driving your new (or used!) Land Rover around Malibu in no time.