What kind vehicle do you want to get you around Simi Valley? If you answered, "Range Rover!" you're in luck! We have all kinds of brand-new Range Rover vehicles for Simi Valley drivers here on our lot at Land Rover Thousand Oaks. Come experience the Range Rover difference for yourself.

There may be plenty of imitations out there, but nothing can match the luxury and capability that Range Rover vehicles deliver. Range Rover vehicles, such as the Range Rover or the Range Rover sport, pack the power and capability to tackle the toughest terrain. They'll get you where you want to go, but they offer more than just that. They also bring luxurious levels of comfort and features. Range Rover engineers believe that's not enough for a vehicle to get you to practically any destination; they believe that you need to be able to enjoy the ride as well.

If you know you want to drive a Range Rover, and nothing else will do... we understand, and we'll help set up you with your dream car. Come visit us here in Thousand Oaks, CA. We're just a stone's throw away, and the ride home will be a lot more enjoyable than the ride over.

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