Certified Pre-Owned. It's a phrase that most Westlake Village car shoppers have probably heard. It's also one that more than a few don't full understand.

At Land Rover Thousand Oaks, we maintain a rich inventory of CPO models. We want to make sure you know what they really are and what they have to offer.

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What Makes a Certified Pre-Owned Model Different?

The difference comes from the "certified" part. Unlike more common used models, CPO cars and SUVs have to meet a higher standard of quality to earn their special status. They need to be recent-year, offer low mileage and, most importantly, pass through a rigorous inspection process.

This inspection is designed to guarantee they can provide an experience on par with something new. An independent inspector will dig through its interior and exterior, looking for anything that might keep it from delivering a like-new experience. If it can't match the condition of something fresh out of the factory, it can't be certified.

These high standards help dealerships like Land Rover Thousand Oaks point our Agoura Hills and Simi Valley customers toward our most valuable models. In short, they make it easier for us to help drivers like you get more for less.

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Explore the CPO Options at Land Rover Thousand Oaks

Would you like to know more about the certified pre-owned inventory at our Thousand Oaks-area dealership? Contact us today! We work with drivers all over the state of California, including customers from Moorpark, Malibu, and more.

Our sales team would relish the opportunity to answer your questions and tell you more about our current CPO lineup. We're sure we can connect you to certified pre-owned Land Rover that you'll love.

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