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Explore What a New Range Rover Will Do for You

The Range Rover is fit for adventures on the open road and beyond. This vehicle has four versions, but the Range Rover is the primary option. If you're not familiar with the Range Rover, here's everything that it has to offer.

All versions of the Range Rover come equipped with a powerful engine and a nimble transmission. The engine's max speed clocks in at 150 mpg and can go from zero to 60 in about 5.5 seconds.

Because the Range Rover is so powerful, it has profound towing capabilities like a pickup truck. The Range Rover can efficiently tow heavy equipment weighing 7,716 pounds with or without a trailer.

It's worth mentioning to Malibu shoppers that special hybrid versions of the Range Rover fall in the performance category. The first offering is called the Electric Hybrid. This version of the vehicle comes equipped with a 3.0-liter combustion engine and a 105kW electric engine. The second option is known as a Mild Hybrid. It has similar components to the base hybrid vehicle but has a twist. The twist is that the Mild Hybrid is specifically designed to redistribute power to the engine when the transmission system decelerates.

Range Rover Design

When you step into a Range Rover, you're transported to a world of luxury. The interior features for each model will vary, but all vehicles share the same concepts. One of the key highlights is the seating designs. The seats are wrapped in luxury leather, and they are plush and comfortable. When it comes to colors, the Range Rover sticks to the basics. There are five neutral color schemes to choose from, and they all tie the design together.

The leather is not ordinary; it's made from sustainable materials. These materials do not reduce the quality of the interior. Instead, they give the upholstery a very distinctive look.

However, the SV Bespoke has the most impressive sense of style among all the variants. For this trim, it's all about the finishes. From fine veneers to upscale materials, the SV Bespoke dramatically defines luxury.

The exterior has great qualities like the interior, but the primary design aspects are bolder from a cosmetic standpoint. Each trim has its highlights, but the Autobiography's exterior takes modern luxury to the next level. It has dramatic tinted windows, a sleek grille, and more. 

Range Rover Safety

Range Rover drivers will appreciate the many safety features offered, including stability control, automatic LED headlights, and automatic braking systems, all powered by innovative technologies. Some safety systems are designed for driving situations, and others are fit for parking scenarios.

Range Rover Features

Every version of the Range Rover boasts a variety of cutting-edge technologies.

Active noise cancellation: The Range Rover's noise cancellation system is very dynamic. It works by creating quiet zones via speakers housed within each headrest. As a bonus, every speaker is shielded behind a laminated glass sheet. The glass creates an additional barrier that isolates sounds from the outside world.

Cabin Air Purification Pro: The air purifier manages the air quality in the cabin. It can eliminate strong odors, allergens, and viruses.

Four-zone climate control: The four-zone climate control system does not disappoint when it comes to personalized comfort. It has separate controls for passengers in the front of the cabin and passengers in the back. There are also controls for air that flow on both sides of the rear seats.

A wireless charging system for a smartphone: The charging pad is designed for compatible smartphones. It comes equipped with a signal booster.

Range Rover Trim Levels

The base trim is known as the Range Rover SE. This rendition of the vehicle comes equipped with advanced LED headlights and high-end, signature daytime running lights. It also boasts 21-inch wheels, a sliding panoramic roof, a cutting-edge display panel with Alexa support, and luxurious perforated leather seats.

The Autobiography trim adds many luxurious elements. Some of the highlights include a high-tech center console with a refrigerator feature, 22-inch wheels with designer touches, an entertainment center for rear passengers, and a signature sound system by Meridian.

As for the final trim, it's called the Range Rover SV. Unlike the previous trims, the SV has two variants. The secondary option is known as the SV Bespoke. If you like fancy features, Simi Valley shoppers won't go wrong with the primary version of this SV. It boasts a signature bumper, grille, and other upscale features that put a fresh spin on luxury. The SV Bespoke builds on what the SV offers. It comes with a signature paint scheme and exclusive features. In addition, special options are also available for the Bespoke. They will allow you to customize the vehicle according to your preferences.

Preparing for the Journey

Now that you know what the Range Rover is about, it's time to explore the accessories. The Range Rover's accessories all have a personalized touch and are compatible with all models. In addition to the standard accessories, upgrade packs are also available for the exterior. There is a Nickel Atlas Exterior Pack, a Shadow Exterior Pack, and an Autobiography Exterior Pack.

To learn more about the Range Rover, trims, or accessories, stop by Land Rover Thousand Oaks. We also offer many other exciting models in the Range Rover family including the Range Rover SportRange Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque. For shopper looking for a more rugged Land Rover, we recommend the incredible Land Rover Defender. We cater to all Range Rover fans around Los Angeles and look forward to serving you!

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